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City of Death

Posted by Appel - September 20th, 2008

This is the final chapter of a story i wrote, starring 'Viper', the main character in City of Death. His intention is to save Aerthas from total extinction. He tries to survive while doing this. But will that be for him to decide?

Chapter 16
City of Death,

The sky was red. It had just been a week and the devastation caused by DiNAtech was already clearly visable. The road to Zheros was completely deserted, exept for a few crashed cars on the side of the road. Viper asumed the whole city was already dead and turned into raging animals. He could never be sure, but he prepared himself for the worst. The first buildings came from the horizon and the city looked like usual, only this time it had a red sky above it. He rushed into Zheros and found out he was right, he saw the first undead walking. Two of them were eating from a dead body wich hadn't turned. "Must have taken a blow to the head.", thought Viper. He aimed his glock and shot one of the undead down. There was just enough time to pull his sword from his back and kill another who was in the way. While he drove further into the city he started to realise what this could do to Aerthas. He saw undead everywere and felt the rumble of an explosion. They city was a mess, the remaining survivors tried to make an escape from the city, but it seemed many couldn't reach there objecitve.
"Damned, this is my exit..", Viper thought when he saw the road was blocked by group of the nasty being's. He counted the seconds, ..two..one.. and he backflipped from the motorcycle. While the R1 was flying towards the undead, Viper took his aim. He fired two bullets. Both of them hit the R1, only one of the hit the gastank. But it seemed to be enough and the R1 exploded. Motorcycle parts and undead were flying through the air. He tried to headshot as many as possible and succeeded extremely well. He had always been one of the best from his old platoon, but now he was really in shape. Not a single shot was missed and he took them down one by one. But more and more kept comming, like if there was no end to it. It seemed the whole city was already changed into a flesh eating mob. It wouldn't be long before he was out of ammo, so he tried to use one shot on every undead. Normally he would count his shots, but now he was to busy. He kept pulling the trigger until there was a click, one of his glocks was empty. He threw it against one the being's head and pulled out his sword. Desperatly for survival he slashed and shot around him. Until his other gun was also empty. He reloaded it with the spare clip he had on him. He gives all he has, but when he turns around he realises he no longer stands a chance. "So many...", thinks Viper. He gives one last attempt to take as many down as possible, when he gets buried under a pile of undead. For quite a while there is no more sign of him, when suddenly Viper, covered in bite marks, jumps in the air. He's holding the nuclear device and places his finger on the red button, when all goes white...


City of Death